4 Cube Series (Arch 2632)

This is the first project that I did in my first architecture studio class. We were asked to do a four 3″x3″x3″ cube series that relates to the mother cube and/or each other.

I initially started with a simple triangular cut (2nd cube) without actually thinking about an easily recognizable pattern/similarity for all the cuts that I made. Somehow the cuts progressed from simple to complicated and that’s the connection that I found through all of them. For the last cube, I was going to do a basic 4-faced pyramidal shape but as I was looking through it, rotating it in different angles, I was really drawn to the shadows that it formed, and I modified the pyramidal cube into its shadow and that’s how the 4th cube was formed. *The East and South face does not meet/touch at the opening, east side is slightly elevated*

Another connection that I formed was the *weight of the object. As it progresses, it loses some of its actual weight, but it being complex, it looks heavy on the eyes, therefore, all 4 cubes have the same *weight. I find this really hard to explain, but it’s the idea of complexity adding to the *weight of the object. That time we were reading Richard Serra’s Writings Interviews about Weight and something that I got out of it is that there’s more about weight other than what we actually see.

On my presentation, the jury pointed out that as it progresses, the top right point and the base is kept on all 4 cubes.

4 cube series


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